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Aladdin Lamp Wick Replacement

To make sure you order the correct wick, find the model number for your Aladdin lamp on the burner knob.

Aladdin Lamp WicksAladdin Lamp Wicks
Aladdin Lamp 23 Wick Replacement
Part Number N230
For Models 23, 23A, 23E60

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ID#: OBP29804
Aladdin Lamp Wick ReplacementAladdin Lamp Wick Replacement
Aladdin Lamp 21 Wick Replacement
Part Number 979906
For Aladdin lamp models 21 and 21c, you have the option to utilize the Model 23 wick N230 as well. This can be achieved by simply substituting the wick raiser with the Model 23 Wick Raiser N233.
Round Wicks for Oil LampsRound Wicks for Oil Lamps
Aladdin Lamp Wick Replacement
Part Number 989952
For Models 11 & 12

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ID#: OBP29806
Aladdin Lamp WickAladdin Lamp Wick
Aladdin Lamp A-B-C Wick Replacement
Part Number R151
For Models A, B & C

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ID#: OBP29807
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