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Red Hill believes independent hardware stores in small towns are critical to a healthy local economy. When it comes to hardware stores, service and selection still mean something. With loads of new hardware inventory, your neighbors at Red Hill General Store hope you will think of us the next time you need things for projects and repairs.

New items on the shelf:

Plumbing repair
Pipe and fittings: pex, cpvc, black plastic
Pipe clamps
Screws - deck and drywall
Spray paint
Painting supplies
Air filters
Drill bits
Saw blades
Stove elements
Stove pipe
Cabbage Knives
And plenty more

We still believe in quality items at a fair price. Our friendly staff welcomes you to indulge in 4,200 square feet of old-fashioned buying like it used to be. We have some of everything.

From moth balls to live animal traps we can help you take care of almost any unwanted house guest. You'll find a ample selection of hardware, kitchenware, home canning supplies and canner repair parts, old-fashioned candies by the pound, classic and unique toys, seasonal produce, gardening supplies, gifts, seeds and plants, Case Knifes, dry-goods, cast iron skillets, oil lanterns, fishing and camping gear, axes, mauls, Carhartt and Columbia clothing, yard decor, nutcrackers, grandma's lye soap, coffee and tea, washboards, recipe books, lotions, and Rainbow Sandals. Need a new kerosene heater wick, light switch, wood glue, pipe sealant, or roll of duct tape?

Need your pressure canner gauge tested? We offer pressure canner gauge testing and carry replacement parts for most pressure cookers and canners. Find Information about pressure cooker parts here.

Want access to local products and sustainable, truly-healthy beef and eggs? We can help you with that too. We specialize in seasonal planting, food preservation, woodstoves, survival tales, crafts, treasure hunting, story telling, projects, modern homesteading building, and other affairs of self-sufficiency.

We actively support front porch sitting.

Hillsville Store Front

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Summer Drive-In Movie
Saturday Market
Flea Markets on Memorial Day & Labor Day
Shockley's Old Timey Days
Red Hill Old Time Music
Agriculture and FFA Education
Treasure In the Blue Ridge
Santa Visits
Noteworthy Suppliers

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1035 Sylvatus Hwy.
Hillsville , VA 24343

We are open 9am to 5pm Monday-Saturday
and 1pm to 5pm Sunday

A small,
American business.

Playing Checkers

Flour for Sale

Case Knives in Stock

Snowing in Hillsville

We sell Raw Clover Honey

Group of Bikers Stop by the Store



Summer Movies: Cancelled

Thank you all for your continuing commitment to our community.
Unfortunately, we can no longer provide our free Friday night movies.

Drive In History

Every Friday at 9pm in June and July. $1 popcorn. $1.50 Cotton Candy.
Keeping our drive-in movies free is important to us - because we know it is to you. Plus, they are a worthy excuse to leave your house and quit staring at the same walls. And yes, we know that places like Wally World are cheap and fairly convenient… but the fact of the matter is the people that run that company are not interested in you or your well being at all. They are interested solely in acquiring your money. We hope you like our movies as much as we like seeing our neighbors on movie night.

2014 Movie Schedule (click to open as larger image)
Free Drive In Movie Summer Friday Nights
*Come early for good parking. We fill our parking lot on a first-come first-serve basis. If prime spots become full, there's plenty of room for lawn chairs and blankets up front.

2013 Movie Schedule
2012 Movie Schedule
2011 Movie Schedule

Popcorn Machine

Movie Nights
Working together to position the giant movie screen on our roof before show time June 2013.

Summer Drive In
It's hard to beat a summer night under the stars in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Unless it involves watching a free movie as the sun sets.


We're building an outdoor market and inviting you to join us any Saturday morning! Produce vendors, farmers & flea market items encouraged.We began the market one Saturday in July 2013. It continued and grew each week until it got too cold. Sell your stuff and together we'll create a place where bartering (yeah, bartering!) might again become commonplace.

The market is open from 9am to 6pm every Saturday. 10'x10' spaces $5 upon arrival. Bring your own tables and tents. Setup begins at 8:30am. The first Saturday Market for 2014 is TBA here.

Saturday Market

Why are we opening our gravel parking lot?
There was a time when farms were small. Families grew gardens and produced their own meat and eggs. There were "minor products" and markets for minor products. Thrift becomes a forceful social idea. Minor markets promote a pride in workmanship America has largely forgotten. Nowhere is there a market for minor products: a bucket of cream, a goat, a few dozen peaches. Read more on our blog.

Saturday Market Sale

Flea Market at Red Hill Hillsville Store  
Labor Day Flea Market
Want to join us on Labor Day or Memorial Day flea market weekend? We rent 10x10' parking-lot spaces. We're one mile from the Hillsville Flea Market and Gun Show.
Check out the Route 100
18 Mile Flea Market! Brought to you by neighborhood homes each Labor Day weekend.



We look forward to spending an old-time weekend each year on Shockley's farm. It's fun days of tractors, tools, engines, wood-working, blacksmithing, plowing with horses, oat and wheat thrashing, oats cut by horse and binder, stacking oats, digging potatoes with horse and plow, soap making, molasses making, kraut making, apple cider making, apple butter making, pottery making, churning butter, quilting, weaving cloth with a loom, corn straw broom making, old time ice cream making, blacksmiths, corn mill and buckwheat flour w/gristmill and many more demos.

Admission is $6 (10 and under are free). Parking is also free. Shockley's Old Timey Days has been cancelled for 2015 due to barn fire.

Shockley's Old Timey Days Blacksmithing


Old Time Music


In December Santa visits in his sleigh pulled by six miniature horses at Red Hill General Store in Hillsville. Photo (below) taken from Santa’s December 2012 visit in Hillsville.

Santa visits the store



GREEN ENERGY We partnered with the FFA of Carroll County High School to install a water turbine powering greenhouses and small barn of the 92 acre agricultural research school farm. We guided students and worked with their teachers to complete the water turbine installation under US HWY 221. Tom (pictured below, second from right in photo left) explains how the power in the flowing water is transformed to household AC power they can use.

We partnered with the FFA of Carroll County We partnered with the FFA of Carroll County for projects

Inside two greenhouses, students are doing field research that pushes teamwork and critical thinking. From overseeing the production of their Angus beef, crops and renewable energy production, these future leaders are learning lessons about hard work, patience and planning. Contributing to our future in this important way makes us feel good inside.

CCHS Greenhouse CCHS Raspberry Farm

FARM TO OUR STORE Students learn to grow and market their raspberries and blackberries in the greenhouses. These berries are proudly available in our store in their season. Our partnership with the local FFA chapter helps to create the highly-skilled workforce we’ll desperately need in the future to solve many challenges of our communities. There may be nothing more important than developing confident agriculture leaders. We are the link between the farming agriculture students and the consumer market. Read more about berries and the work on the Carroll County FFA school farm here.

HONORARY FFA DEGREE Red Hill General Store received the Honorary FFA Degree in 2011 at the annual FFA banquet in recognition of, "helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA, and who have rendered outstanding service, may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting or convention.”



Buried treasure? That equals excitement. Red Hill General Store has held and created two epic fast-paced day-long treasure hunts. Hurried individuals and teams ruthlessly navigate riddles and mountain topography for the golden possibility. The hidden loot? $500 in gold coins. The first Treasure in the Blue Ridge was held after Red Hill allegedly received a letter containing a cipher, which we provided in the local news paper.

Red Hill Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Clue

Each hunt included multiple clues, ciphers, witty deductions with real-world monuments, numbers, clocks and other epic-treasure-adventure inspiration. We used text-message check-points to follow the heated progress in the field and to deliver the clues. Team historical knowledge was tested as well as their ability to reason a riddle or puzzle. Only one lucky winner goes home with a $500 of free gold well-earned.. (Below: Confederate Gold Hunt $500 Winner)

 Confederate Gold Hunt

We want to update our hunt text messaging system to encourage visitors to embark on an independent quest for lost treasure. If you've read this far, we hope you've got the spirit for a half-day adventure challenge in the mountains. Do you think you have what it takes to win?

We're not sure when our small staff can make this purely-fun endeavor come to life. We're not planning another treasure hunt in the near future. Still, we believe anything is possible. Are the people of the Blue Ridge ready to compete for forgotten gold round three?

For now, here are the original letter clues and secondary clues reveled the morning the hunt began.

Sealed in their envelope using red wax, as each team opened their letter just after sunrise the first clue was revealed (letter back for letter 1 and "Numbers 31:28). Click here to see a jpeg of the clue worksheet for the first letter. To enlarge letter images click on them.

clue worksheet Back of Letter

Confederate Gold Letter    Hunting Tips

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