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Screw Caps

These standard screw caps fit our glass growlers. Choose from a solid metal cap or a plastic one with an airlock hole. Solid caps keep your ferment fresh in the fridge or during transport. The screw cap with a hole allows you to use an airlock directly on the lid of a standard jug. The screw cap with hole works best with our 3-piece airlock. Screw caps feature 38mm threads.

Plastic Screw Cap With HolePlastic Screw Cap With Hole
Plastic Screw Cap With Hole
38 mm threads
3/8 inch hole for an airlock
diameter: 1/16"

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ID#: orhfe302
Metal Screw CapMetal Screw Cap
Metal Screw Cap
38 mm size (28/400 thread)

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ID#: orhgl516