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Home Freeze Dryer - Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer    5 Gallon Food Grade Bucket with Snap On Lid 5 Gallon Food Grade Bucket with Tear Strip Lid

Harvest Right freeze dryers take the guesswork out of preserving your food. Freeze dry your garden produce. Freeze dry for food storage. Freeze dry to save money. Freeze dry for emergency preparedness. Freeze dry for easy packing during camping, hiking, and hunting.

Virtually all foods can be freeze dried. Freeze dry fruits, vegetables, raw meats, eggs and dairy, prepped meals, and desserts. You can even freeze dry your leftovers! The shape, color and flavor of freeze-dried food remains intact. Meats are the easiest to freeze dry.

When foods are dry, they are ready to be stored. For snacking on freeze dried fruits store in easy to access glass jars or plastic bags. For long term food storage, pop your dried batch into a mylar bag with the proper amount of oxygen absorbers and seal the bag with heat. Place sealed mylar bags in food grade food safe buckets to keep out bugs and rodents.

Properly stored food can last up to 25 years.

You can easily rehydrate ham and potatoes for dinner 20 years later and they are still just as delicious as the day you stored them. Reseal any leftovers back into the mylar bag for future use.

When you are ready to store all types of food - not just dry beans and grains - you're ready for a home freeze dryer.

Harvest Right freeze dryers are available only for pickup at Red Hill General Store. We do not ship these units.

The Red Hill General Store 30-day warranty does not apply to Harvest Right Freeze Dryers. For all warranty, maintenance, returns, and technical questions contact Harvest Right at 1-800-700-5508 or at More information about food freeze dryers may be found at

  • Available in 3 sizes to fit any family's needs
  • Automatic Operation, Touch Screen Technology
  • Ideal for making long lasting foods, even pet food!
  • Instructions, Trays, Bags, Oxygen Absorbers, Pump and Impulse Sealer are Included

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