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Black Walnut Cracker

Black Walnut Cracker
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Black Walnut Cracker   Black Walnut Cracker Black Walnut Cracker

Black Walnut Cracker

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The industrial black walnut cracker will smoothly crack the hardest of nuts! Black walnuts and other hard shell nuts stand no chance against the powerful gear-lever action. Soft shell nuts like pecans and English walnuts are child's play, effortlessly compressing and releasing the goodies inside! No assembly required.

Works on all nuts, hard and soft shell
Simple, powerful gear-lever action
Easily cracks shells and leaves inner meat intact
Cast aluminum frame mounted to hardwood base
Includes two sizes of bolts for large and small nuts
Handle measures 10"
Overall size 16"L X 5"W X 8 3/4"H

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