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Wire Chicken Egg Basket

Wire Chicken Egg Basket
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Wire Chicken Egg Basket


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Ensure the safety and quality of your freshly laid eggs with these egg baskets, meticulously crafted for efficient egg collection and storage. These chicken egg wire baskets are designed to facilitate optimal air circulation around the eggs, promoting rapid cooling and drying. The wire construction of our baskets serves a dual purpose: it securely holds your eggs during collection, minimizing the risk of breakage, while also allowing air to flow freely around each egg. This feature is crucial for maintaining egg freshness and quality.

Our egg baskets are characterized by a timeless wire design that evokes a vintage aesthetic, complemented by a sturdy black wire. Choose this egg basket to safeguard your eggs from coop to carton, ensuring that they reach your kitchen intact and ready for anything from deviled eggs to omelets.

Height: 7 inch
Top Diameter: 8 inch
Base Diameter: 5 inch
Please note: All sizes are outside measurement unless, otherwise indicated.

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