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Old Style Lanterns

Old Style Lanterns
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Bronze Old Style Lanterns
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12" Lantern Height
5 1/4" Base Diameter
9 candlepower
12 hours Light Duration
9 oz Fuel Capacity
5/8" wick width
1/16-1/8" wick thickness
Replacement Wicks: OBP29930
Replacement Globe: OBP58103
Replacement Burner: OBP12631
(Click here to see our Dietz Lantern parts list.)

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The most popular lantern in the world? It's no contest for the Dietz Junior Lantern #20. First introduced around 1891 these old style lanterns have been an old time favorite for more than 100 years; and is undeniably the style most replicated. They are three-quarters the size of Dietz Blizzard Lanterns; also introduced at the turn of the century. Thumb lever lifts globe for simple wick lighting and trimming. Easy and practical to carry on night walks or among your quiet campsite. Lovely to hang for rugged cabin decor. Great for power outage emergencies. Made by Dietz Lantern Company.


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