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Bulk Foods

Buy bulk food online from our online food store for all your online food shopping. Get the best prices when you buy food in bulk like bulk flour, bulk nuts, bulk rice, bulk beans, bulk grains, bulk seeds, bulk herbs, and more of the best bulk foods available! Happy online shopping from your bulk food providers at Red Hill General Store. Check ot our knowledge base for FAQs about bulk food and bulk food storage.

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Bulk Food Products - Ship to Store Only

We also offer a wide range of products from the above categories along with other products that are not available to be shipped and must be ordered using our Ship to Store service. Please see Ship to Store for more information.

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Bulk Food Knowledge Base

Pressure Cooking Bulk Foods

Cooking bulk foods requires the right equipment, which means a pressure cooker is an essential tool for your kitchen. Pressure cookers can cook large amounts of food in a fraction of the time of conventional pots and pans. Pressure cookers blend ingredients together in interesting and delicious ways for the best soups, stews, and other mixes. Use bulk beans, bulk grains, bulk spices, meats and veggies for thousands of delicious recipes. Save time and money with the best pressure cookers and pressure cooker parts/supplies from our online store,
Pressure Cooker Outlet.

Fermentation Crocks

Fermentation is a healthy and essential addition to your diet. Fermentation is a process of healthy bacteria, yeast, and microbes breaking down and transforming foods into essential vitamins and nutrients. Adding the right microbes to your body will balance PH to give you numerous health benefits and prevent disease. For more information about fermentation and fermentation products visit our fermentation page at Pressure Cooker Outlet.

Why Buy In Bulk

Buying bulk foods is an easy way of “going green” to have a positive impact on our environment. Buying food in bulk significantly reduces packaging materials and grocery bags going into landfills. Less transportation is required by densely packing items into less delivery trucks. Food waste is also reduced because consumers are purchasing exact needed amounts of foods. Essentially, buying bulk foods will shrink your carbon footprint and save you money too!

Which Foods to Buy in Bulk?

While you can buy most any food item in bulk, it is best to buy often used and versatile pantry items with a long shelf life. Pantry items include spices, dried beans, grains (i.e. lentils, quinoa, rice, oats, barley), nuts and flours. Storing bulk food properly is also key to extending shelf life.

Make Frozen Meals with Bulk Foods

Save time and money by preparing frozen meals with bulk food purchases. Freezer friendly meals include: muffins, waffles, biscuits, pizza crusts, granola bars, fried rice, breads, homemade pot pies, meatloafs, beef/barley stew, lentil stews, and gravy bases. Preparing bulk frozen meals makes dinner easy and affordable. Simply pick a meal from the freezer and pop it in the oven at the end of the day. You save time and money while increasing time well spent with the family.